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It's all good vibes here! We are sure you are going to love these mental health sweatshirts, tshirts and hoodies. Our self care merch: where style meets compassion.
You matter hoodie

Why what we do is so important to us and our community:

According to the Centre for Mental Health think tank, about 1.5 million under 18's will need new or extra help with mental health as a direct result of the last few years. This evidence of the child mental health crisis is both stark and heartbreaking.

It's with stats like these, and personal experience, that inspired Ruby (and her mom) to create Sunbeams and Daydreams.

Although we can't help everyone we believe, to our core, that we can be the change we want to see in the world.

We are creating a little corner of the internet where people feel loved, seen and heard. Where anxiety is reduced and fun-o-meters rise! We hope that you join us on this healing journey and are reminded of your self worth and importance in the world. 😊

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Giving Back

10% of our net profits go to YOUNGMINDS. That means, with your help, we are helping kids in crisis

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What our community says

“Amazing quality and colour!"”
R. Hall
Theatre Teacher
“ I like the color, it makes me happy.... and that my best friend made it!”
“Absolutely gorgeous rainbow design! Love the brightness of the colours. Really comfortable”
A. Ryan

Your Wardrobe's Dose of Positivity

With the combination of cute drawings and mental health self care quotes our growing collection of mental health apparel is sure to brighten your day - dress bright, shine bright!
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